Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader is a Free and Fast ⚡ way to download and save any Facebook videos as MP4's and MP3's. Start downloading by adding the Facebook video link in the box below and click Download.

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How to Save Facebook Videos

Save your preferred Facebook videos by following the three simple steps below.

1. Select the Video

Copy the URL of the Facebook video by right-clicking the video and selecting copy.

2. Paste Video URL

Paste the Facebook video URL into the input field above and hit the "Download" button.

3. Download File

Now Select the Quality you want to download the video and click on "Download"

Free Facebook Video Downloader Online

Facebook is one of the ultimate names in the area of social media networks. Where you can find lots of like-minded peoples for business, friendships, and many more. On Facebook people share more about their daily lifestyle and life events in the form of photos and videos in their timeline so that their friends and family members can see them and appreciate it.

Other than sharing photos and videos or the life events by users, businesses share their business updates on Facebook in their official pages. If you like some of the videos from anyone and you want to download the same video to your local device to view it offline, unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give us that option to download any Facebook videos offline. Obviously, Facebook provides us that option to save the video, which is a bookmarked video on Facebook which we can view later. But there is no official option to download Facebook videos offline.

As most of the Social media networks have restrictions to download the content from their website, so Facebook has the same restrictions to download the content from Facebook. So to solve this biggest problem we have developed Facebook Video Downloader which is a free online video downloader for Facebook. Facebook is a platform where creators from all over the world come together and share content. Some of them are really good content creators and the users want to download their videos from Facebook.

But as you that Facebook is not providing any official option to download or save Facebook videos offline so at that time Facebook video downloader comes to play with the free online Facebook Video Downloader you can download the Facebook videos for free lifetime. We don’t charge a single penny to download the Facebook videos this Facebook video downloader tool is absolutely free for a lifetime. You don’t have to download any software to download Facebook videos. This is an online tool that works on every browser and fulfills your need to download Facebook videos.

About Facebook

Facebook is an American social media company based in Menlo Park, California. the founder of Facebook was Mark Zuckerberg, along with his fellow roommates and students at Harvard College they are Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Today the Facebook a popular global social networking website. Facebook is termed as one of the valuable companies in the world. It is considered one of the giant Five Tech companies along with Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Facebook also offers other products and services other than the social networking platform including Facebook Messenger, Facebook Watch, and Facebook Portal. It has also acquired Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, Giphy, and Mapillary, and has a 9.9% stake in Jio Platforms.

What is Facebook Video Downloader?

As we all are aware that Facebook is a giant social media platform where like-minded people interact with each other and share their thoughts and events in the form of videos and images. Sometimes Facebook users love some of them and want to download the same videos for their offline purposes to ti view it offline. Facebook officially doesn’t allow users to download the content offline to their local devices. At that point in time users search for Facebook Video Downloader in the search engine and look for the online downloader to download the videos from Facebook.

If the users want to download the videos from Facebook with our Facebook video downloader they can easily use this Online tool to download Facebook videos offline. These days Downloading videos content from any content-sharing website is like a child play but we believe in the user-friendly design of the platform. While designing this Facebook Video Downloader we have mostly focused on the UI/UX of the Facebook video downloader platform. Our Facebook downloader tool supports the downloading of any videos and images from Facebook. Facebook video downloader is the one-stop solution to download the content from Facebook.

The Idea Free Facebook Video Downloader

Billions of users landed on Facebook and use Facebook to connect with new peoples and share their thoughts. In some situations, we have to download some content as a reference for others and some because we like the content and want to share the same with family and friends. As we have discussed earlier that Facebook doesn’t give any option to save or download the videos to your mobile device or desktop. That strike to our mind and we have developed the Facebook video downloader to download the content from the Facebook website and save it offline.

With the use of this FB Video downloader, you can save any content from Facebook to your device with ease, you don’t need to download an extra extension to use this tool it’s an online tool to download the Facebook content for free. this tool supports the downloading of videos in multiple quality and formats, including HD, mp4, audio mp3.

Advantage of Facebook Video Downloader

When you landed on this page to download the Facebook video you will surely ask for the advantage of this Facebook video downloader. Majorly this Free Facebook video downloader solves the problem of all Facebook users who want to download the videos or the content from Facebook, by giving them a one-stop solution to save the Facebook content.

Download videos from Facebook this downloader tool helps you to download any videos from the Facebook website.

Download Images from Facebook this tool enables you to download the Images from social media like Facebook.

Cross-Platform Support Facebook downloader Supports all kinds of web browsers to download videos, Images from the official Facebook.

Anyone can use a Facebook video downloader even a non-tech person can use this tool to download or save their favorite Facebook videos in just a few seconds.

What is Free Facebook Video Downloader Online

Our FB Video Downloader helps  Facebook users to save Facebook videos in mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio). Anyone can easily download videos from Facebook. Facebook video downloader is one of the best tools to save content from Facebook. Users can convert videos from Facebook to mp4 or mp3 files and download them for free to their local device. This tool is easy to use the tool you just need to paste the FB video URL in the given text box to download videos from Facebook.

Usage of Facebook Video Downloader

  1. Just you Copy the video URL.
  2. Paste the video URL in the text field given.
  3. Click the Download button to save videos to your local storage

Our tool just works with 3 Easy steps.

Where my Facebook Downloader videos saved.

Whenever you download the file with Facebook Video Downloader, they will be saved to whatever folder you have set to default. Your system browser normally sets this default folder for you. But if are planning to change that default folder you can change the same in browser settings. There you will get an option to set the default folder manually.

What you do with the Videos we Download from Facebook.

Facebook Video Downloader doesn’t keep any record of the videos you download from Facebook. neither we keep the copies of the videos you download. All the videos you download are hoster on the Facebook server. Thus users can download any videos from FB anonymously without giving any footprint.

Frequent Questions

Please read out our FAQs. Still, if you have any queries regarding Video Downloader for Facebook feel free to contact us.​

Facebook Free Video Downloader is a website that helps users to save videos of Facebook using an easy to use online website. Our FB downloader allows you to save any public Facebook video in multiple quality MP4 format. Our website also enables you to convert Facebook videos to MP3 audio files.

Facebook Online Video Downloader supports downloads from Facebook regardless of what device you are operating. Content downloading is available on iPhones, Android phones, tables, PCs, and Macs.

Yes, you can use this Facebook Downloader online for free lifetime. We don’t charge money to our users.

No, there is no limit in the video download from FB. You can download unlimited videos from Facebook anytime.

Yes, you can simply download Live Facebook videos once the live video stream has finished.

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