TikTok is storming social media since it had been launched within the year 2017. This 2020, we will always see TikTok contents shared on other social media platforms. May they be funny, cute, campaign, magical, etc. they’re sure fun to observe . Who wouldn’t be engaged by its functionality and entertainment? One, it allows users to lip-sync, dance, show their acting talent and creativity which they will show to the planet . Two, it allows users to edit and apply some effects that add a serious impact to the general appearance of their content.

According to Wallaroo, the app has about 800 million monthly active users from over 150 countries round the world. 60% of its users are Gen Zers – people that said were born from 1995 onwards. So don’t wonder if you see kids suddenly doing hand gestures ahead of their mobile phones or dancing within the street performing some random dance craze.

For businesses, TikTok may be a major vessel for potential clients especially if they’re targeting the Gen Z market. Ordinary people only see the app as a platform where they will create cute videos, photos and such, except for businesses, they see it as a money-generating platform. a bit like the other social media platform, the app also uses hashtags to form content searchable and viewable by any users.

5 TikTok Hashtag Strategies For Business Growth in 2020

Cash in of the TikTok Hashtag Challenge Ad

The MAC’s #YouOwnIt hashtag challenge, developed by Pulse Advertising, was probably one among the foremost successful ad campaigns on TikTok. It had reached approximately a whopping 2.3 billion views. consistent with MAC, the hashtag challenge’s goal was to open their products to Gen Z, which TikTok has, and therefore the challenge has been successfully sweet.

Hashtag Challenge is one among the branding advertising products on TikTok. The advertisers give the precise challenge on TikTok which when release is incorporated with the advertiser’s logo. it’s promoted on a particular amount of your time on the Discover page where Tiktok users can find more about the challenge. The mechanics of this branding are very specific making the challenge unique and solely for the advertising product only.

Create Your Own TikTok Hashtag

Creating your own Tiktok hashtag may be a no-brainer task. It deniably easy and free. it’s a part of the branding and advertising. Everyone on Tiktok can make their own original hashtag and it’s amazing to ascertain that there are people that become successful on the platform using their own hashtags.

Vanessa Vargas Wilson, a DIY Youtuber, started creating DIY video content on TikTok. She makes crafty videos in only 15 seconds and makes her own hashtag #craftygemini which is employed 173k times by the opposite users. She only has three uploaded videos and other people are already recognizing her hashtag.

Make Your Own Hashtag Challenge

How is that this different from the Hashtag Challenge Ad? Simple. In the ad, you’re paying Tiktok to post your hashtag challenge. Your challenge are going to be posted as a banner within the Discover tab asking users to hitch . However, the hashtag challenge is for free of charge and organic. Users can follow your hashtag, watch the contributing videos with an equivalent hashtag, or contribute with yours.

BTS, a really popular boy band in South Korea and is understood in other Asian countries, used #ONchallenge hashtag to market their new songs which were first released on TikTok. So far, it already acquired 172.3 million views on TikTok alone.

Always Check the Trending Hashtag on Discover Page

Trending hashtags are the hashtags popular and getting used by TikTok users by the time they’re posted. they will in fact change consistent with the flow of other hashtags being collected by TikTok’s algorithm. But what’s important is how you utilize the trending hashtags. Good thing, TikTok shows what percentage users are using the hashtags and the way popular they’re by showing the digits. Readily available statistics are advantageous for businesses due to their less time and money. you’ll surely connect your product and content to at least one of those hashtags, so be creative.

Another way of knowing trending hashtags, apart from what TikTok is posting, is by using hashtag generating tools. The algorithm of those tools is updated so you’re assured to urge them working and trending hashtag every minute.

Always Check Your Competition

If you monitor your brand, you ought to monitor your competition also . this is often what we call competitive analysis. this might be time-consuming in your end but your business can deeply enjoy it. First, check the insight, marketing strategy, and other people who are following and posting TikTok videos about their product. Second, check their hashtags because you’ll be overlooking some that are money-generating.


TikTok may be a combination of Musical.ly, Instagram and Snapchat actually that’s why people are becoming crazy over it. it’s billion of users with approximately 800 million active ones. Most of its active users are Gen Z – people that were born within the year 1995 onward. 60% of which are Americans aging 16-24 years old. Even celebrities Bebe Rexha (@beberexha), Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey), and Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) are on the app because it’s that good and entertaining.

Due to its popularity, TikTok accompanies businesses to its growth. They become a nesting ground for little and large companies. The study says that TikTok has incredible growth from the time it started. consistent with Mediakix, Americans have spent over $23.1 million on TikTok’s virtual currency since 2018. aiming to say, its users are pocket money on the app.

Businesses, on the opposite hand, can either buy the Hashtag Challenge Ad to advance their exposure, or they will grow their own hashtag organically. Simply to mention , a bit like the other social media apps and platforms, hashtags are always the key to the success of a corporation . Without proper hashtagging and hashtags, a corporation won’t be ready to get the exposure it needs. Moreover, analyzing competing companies can create further improvements to hashtag strategies.

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