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When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2021

We all know that Facebook is one of the widely used social media networks all over the world. Individuals share informational content as well as life event with all of their friends, and some share entertainment content.

There is huge engagement in Facebook 24×7 Businesses shares updates regarding their products/services. Some promote their business to get sales and some to make it brand. All in all, it’s a platform where people over the world connect with each other for various purposes.

Being an engaged platform, no one is there to sit on Facebook 24 hours a day to check your post. That’s the reason we are here to discuss the Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2021. This is an opportunity to boost sales and engagement in your business for free, by posting at the right time you can get more eyeballs on Facebook.

We’ve done lots of experiments and checked many platforms and discovered the Best Time to Post on Facebook.

Note: Facebook policy has changed for the posts in 2019. They give more priority to amateur posts, not posts related to sales. The only way to promote products and services is by doing paid advertisements.

Best Time to Post on Facebook as per different platforms

Firstly you have to believe that there is no best time to post on Facebook. You will never get all the engagement for your post. not to mention that we have more than one time zone in the world. Alright, let’s see the various time provided by the different platforms.

According to:

  • Hubspot is 1p.m to 3 p.m(Thursdays + Fridays)
  • Hootsuite is from 12 p.m to 3 p.m (not considering the weekends)
  • Adweek is 9 a.m to 3 p.m(except for the weekends.)
  • CoSchedule is 1 p.m to 4 p.m.
  • Sprout Social is 11 a.m to 1 p.m(Wednesdays)
  • Buffer is 1 p.m to 3 p.m(Weekdays + Saturdays)

We have noticed that Facebook best time to post by analyzing the various peak metrics.

  • Monday and Wednesday are the best days on weekdays for posting.
  • 10 AM to 3 PM is the best time to do a Facebook Post.
  • Never post on Sundays (Especially Businesses) weekends are the worst days.
  • After 9 o’clock in the morning till 6 o’clock evening is the best to get traffic. After 6 o’clock you will get the slowest traffic on Facebook.

Why So?

People are more likely to scroll to their Facebook news feed during the working day, not in the evenings or in the weekends. Some people are obviously active on the off time in Facebook, but they are not the protential customer for your business.

During weekends and evenings, individuals are more likely to search for entertainment content, other than infotainment or other services. Sometimes weekends and evenings are proved good results for eCommerce sites cause users love to browse through different products during the evening and night, and maybe you don’t know that they are your potential customers.

The best time to post on Facebook in 2021 based on industry.

Yeah, best time to post on Facebook is also depends on industry.

  1. B2C

According to the Sprout Social study says that the best time to post for the B2C segment is 10 am to 4 pm on Monday to Wednesday (Basically during office hours Breaks)

  1. B2B

An optimal time for the B2B sector is from 9 am till 3 pm on Monday to Wednesday.

  1. Media

The media sphere likes to put content on the Facebook news feed as per the news time. So, the peak hours here are 8 to 9 am and 4 to 5 pm in the middle of the week.

  1. Education

For the Education segment, the ideal time to post on the Facebook page is on Saturday, and on weekdays is from 9 AM to 3 PM and 1 PM to 5 PM on Saturday.

  1. Technology

The ideal time to post Technology content is in the morning. So, place your technology content on Facebook from 9 to 11 AM.

best time to post on Facebook, the best time to post on Facebook in 2021, When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook

The Best Time to Post videos on Facebook

You can’t get the right time to post videos on Facebook. But always keep in mind while posting the video is that The individual will love to watch the videos when they have enough free time.

They only need 30 seconds to make a decision, either they want to watch the video further or want to leave the video right away.

And most importantly a vast number of people watch the video without sound. So, try to make the videos along with text information and visual effects so that every person watching your videos on Facebook can understand the video easily.

The Best time to post on Facebook video is:

  • From 9 AM to 11 AM when most of the peoples are preparing to start a working day.
  • From 12 PM to 2 PM, when people have a lunch break. At that time they want to relax and stay away from reading.
  • Try to avoid posting on Facebook after 10 PM cause at that time you’ll get less coverage.

Wrap up

All the information related to Best Time to Post on Facebook is provided on the basis of research done by the various companies and platforms. By this blog about the Best Time to Post on Facebook, you will get knowledge about the post timings of various industries and demographics.

So if you have any problem regarding the Best Time to Post on Facebook and downloading the Facebook videos you can let us know in the comments section below. We’ve also developed an online tool named Facebook video downloader to download Facebook videos online.

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