Increase Instagram Followers for Free, How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free

How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free

Instagram is growing so fast and has the capability to grow your business as-well. the first impression for Instagram is like an entertainment app, but these days is becoming the best networking and audience-building tool for individuals and brands. So I think it’s important to know how to Increase Instagram Followers for Free.

If you want to create a successful brand or great personal branding, then it is a must to stay active on Instagram and know about the things that how to boost your Instagram followers for free. These steps will really help an existing business thrive.

Instagram is also one of the popular social media platforms with over 200 million active monthly members sharing 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day and still growing in numbers.

Instagram’s average engagement rate for brands as per the 2014 Forrester study was an epic 58 times higher than Facebook’s.

Increase Instagram Followers for Free, How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free
Increase Instagram Followers for Free

58 times higher than Facebook sounds great right? it’s just an average but you can also do better than that on Instagram. Whether you are a big brand or just planning to start or becoming a brand. Alright so without any further ado let’s jump right into the content and learn to Increase Instagram Followers for Free.

1. Create a Branded #hashtag

Custom or branded hashtag allows you to you create the collection of your best content. whenever any potential followers find you from any trending hashtags, they are likely to follow you just by seeing your old posts.

You can also create your branded hashtags according to your campaign. cause in some cases this looks good, and you can also create a collection of posts for the same marketing campaign. And in return, if your followers use the same hashtag that captures more attention for their connections, and if their interests are the same they may convert to followers.

2. Using industry-specific hashtags

If you want that follower who is interested in what product and services you are offering. Primarily using industry-specific hashtags is going to help you. If in the initial stage you are using the branded hashtags then this will result in gaining very few followers.

The more specific you will stick to industry-specific hashtags you are more likely to attract people and higher chance to get followers. Other than that if you are using more precise hashtags, will help you cut down the number of competitors. As a result, your brand will get more visibility.

3. Try not to be boring

Instagram is the place where you have to express everything through a single image, and people over there come with the purpose of something interesting or entertainment so always try not to be boring.

Increase Instagram Followers for Free, How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free
Increase Instagram Followers for Free

So whenever it comes to Instagram try to come up with out-of-box caption ideas. Try to mix up the brand hashtags and industry-specific hashtags. You can also compile captions with hashtags so that they will look natural and tell your story naturally. Always try to be funny or ironic just try not to be boring that’s it.

4. Use Hashtags related to an event

Using the event-related hashtags such as annual conventions, seminars, and workshops involves the event name and recently happened events that will increase the chance to rank your post higher among others.

They can be well-known events in your country and nearby area, or any event that will remain o the mind of the masses for the given period of time. these are really helpful for casual posts. This kind of post will not really help you to gain followers as these are the general and popular terms, but for sure this will support you in creating brand awareness.

5. Make the best of your bio URL

This is the prime place for your Instagram profile, if the individual likes your profile for sure they are likely to open the link given in the profile to check out more about you or your product or service. And also write your bio in such a way that the individual who is reading your bio doesn’t think twice before opening the URL of your Instagram profile.

If you are selling the product or creating content never forgot to change it up at least bi-weekly, so that you can drive traffic to your newly created content.

6. Always try Develop your own style

Instagram is the place where you have to grab the attention of the user in a fraction of seconds, hold that attention for some time, and convert them to valuable followers. To do that always create your Instagram posting style, so that if your followers see your post they can engage with your post and you increase the reach.

A great example of this is the Indian beverage brand Frooti, they have developed the content style in such a way that it is instantly recognizable every time a user sees their post on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Increase Instagram Followers for Free, How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free

On the other hand, if the individual is not your follower and they see your posts a couple of days in a week through explore tab because it matches their interest. So whenever they see multiple posts in the same style they are more likely to become your potential followers.

Bonus Tool

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Final Note

I hope after reading this blog you will come to know about the basic steps on how to Increase Instagram Followers for Free. by using these simple steps you can scale up your Instagram follower base and create your business and yourself as a brand.

Still, if you have any confusion regarding the steps to Increase Instagram Followers for Free, you can let us know in the comment section will happy to serve you better.

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