Instagram Insights is a crucial tool to remember of if you’re using Instagram for business. It’s a tool located within Instagram itself, making it very convenient to use. It helps you to trace the success of your posts and determine more about who your followers are. this is often important information to possess if you’re getting to increase your number of free Instagram followers and not revert to purchasing your followers.

What Is Instagram Insights?

This data analysis tool is found within an Instagram business account. apart from opening up a business account, you don’t get to do anything so as to possess access to all or any of this data, which may be a real point for tons of social media managers and Influencers.

The main data you’ll find is that the demographics of your followers also as their actions and your content. However, there’s such a lot more available to you.

You’ll have access to the entire number of impressions, reach and profile views from the last week, what percentage click-throughs to your website, what percentage followers you’ve added within the last week and data on individual Stories and posts.

Why Do I want This Information?

The aim of this information is to assist you to compare the engagement of your different posts and assist you in evaluating the success of your campaigns.

It’ll assist you find out what sorts of posts your followers are responding too, and thus what they need to ascertain more of and what they don’t. It’ll help plan campaigns and monitor the success of those campaigns.

Individual Insights – A Breakdown

Follower Demographics

After clicking through to Insights, on the homepage click on the Followers section. Here you’ll be aware about a gorgeous summary of demographics on your followers. This information is priceless in value because how are you able to target your posts to your audience if you don’t know who your audience is?

The information you’ll find on the Followers landing page includes a summary of gender, age, and site . Clicking onto See More allows you access to graphs breaking down data into more detail.

If you would like more detail on location, for instance , Insights provides you with the highest cities and countries your followers are based. you’ll do an equivalent for hours and days your followers are online, which enables you to reevaluate the times and times of day you’re posting to Instagram and make a schedule for posting.


The Posts section within Insights automatically shows you data on your most up-to-date three posts. Clicking through to ascertain More allows you this information on additional posts.

There is a summary of the entire number of impressions for each single post over the last year, which allows you year-on-year progress comparison.

Data analysis are often narrowed down in 3 ways .

Content type – all, photos, videos or carousel posts.
Measurement – comments, engagement, impressions, likes, reach or saved posts.
Time – seven days, three months, six months, one year or two years.
This is useful because it enables you to undertake the info relevant to what your goals are. If you’re measuring the success of a particular campaign you’ll zero in on the time-lapsed since the campaign began.

It can assist you solve problems you would possibly be having. for instance , you would possibly find your content is reaching a high volume of users but they aren’t engaging with it. This tells you that your content is reaching people, they only aren’t curious about it. It helps you work out what you would like to vary and evolve in your Instagram activity.

Measuring the success of the sort of content is extremely valuable information too, as you’ll see which sort of post your followers engage with the foremost and make that your first choice of post. watching individual posts engagement levels is beneficial within the sense you’ll attempt to spot patterns – are people enjoying posts with people in them, photos of products or competitions best?


In the Actions section, you’ll discover what action Instagram users took after viewing your post. Did they are doing nothing and keep scrolling, or did they visit your profile, follow you or click through to the link in your bio?

This information helps you see how people are reacting to your posts, which enables you to predict how they’re going to act within the future. If you would like more people to follow you after seeing your posts, take a glance at which posts had that effect and check out and incorporate more of these elements in your future posts.


The Discovery section tells you about the people that saw your post but who aren’t already following you. This helps you discover where else your posts are appearing and the way many of us you’re reaching this manner.

The breakdown of where they found you is within the form of:

Home – Your post appeared on their newsfeed.
Hashtags – they found your post when running a hashtag search.
Profile – They found your post by visiting your profile first.
Location – Your post was discovered through a location search or location page.
Search & Explore – Your post came up through a keyword search or was featured on the Explore page.
Other – this suggests your post could are discovered by another user sharing it through an immediate message, it had been saved, or they were tagged or mentioned in your post.

Instagram Stories

When it involves data on your Instagram Stories, you’ll check out them from the past fortnight combined or individually.

Data are often filtered to ascertain the actions of viewers by whether or not they – tapped forward, backward, exited, replied or swiped away.

It’s useful to possess in terms of checking out which of your Stories they’re watching all the way through, and which content isn’t holding their attention.

For data on a private Story, open the Story and click on Seen By at rock bottom left corner. This brings up information on which users watched the post, what actions were taken on the post and therefore the total number of impressions and overall reach.

Paid Promotions

If you’ve got any paid promotions happening on Instagram, Insights allows you to stay tabs on their progress.

The data it gives you is that the number of visits to your profile after seeing the promo; what percentage users saw the promotion, what percentage impressions it got, the quantity of engagement it received, the audience demographic details and eventually , the quantity of cash they spent o your product after viewing the promotion.

Instagram Insights may be a fantastic tool for helping you get more free Instagram followers. it’s not only free and convenient to possess it right there within Instagram, but it’ll assist you to determine who your followers are and what they need. this may help within the creation of content users want to ascertain, which results in a rise in engagements and authentic followers. they’re going to be likely to stay around for an extended time and still engage together with your content on a daily basis – the recipe for a winning Instagram account!

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